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Welcome to Peak Performance Goalie School - The #1 Camp in the Nation for Twenty Three Years!


Boys session June 29- July 1 2015 at Endicott College

Girls session June 29 July 1 2015 at Endicott College



2015 Summer Goalie Camp Registration

2015 Peak Goalie Registration will be open soon for the summer


January 25, 2015 at AP Sports Turf Facility Wilmington MA

February 1, 2015 at Springfield College, Springfield MA

* Both Clinics are held indoors.


Train with the Best 

Learn the secrets of being a BRICK WALL in the net! The Peak Goalie School was created to help goalies reach that next level of performance they desire. It’s a position that many youth and high school coaches struggle with teaching because of the time, knowledge and perspective it takes to effectively train a young player. Our clinics raise a player's game and provide a sound fundamental foundation on which their high school or youth coach can build upon. Here is how the day breaks down:

  • Goalies assigned to small groups depending on age, experience and ability
  • Each group attends a total of 10 stations throughout the day including:
  • A videographer will record their progress at several stations
  •  Post clinic video review; one on one with a coach
  • Q&A session with collegiate and professional level coaches and goalies

2015 Winter Peak Goalie Clinics

    To be the best, you have to learn from the best. Peak Performance Goalie School has been #1 in the nation for more than twenty two years. We have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals at any level. You will learn both the physical and mental skills necessary to stop the other team in their tracks!

    Many of our coaches are accomplished lacrosse players able to demonstrate and relate from their personal experience. They have competed and coached at the youth, high school, college and professionally levels. Decades of lacrosse experience, coach to player ratios at just 4:1 and a friendly environment have all contributed to our success.

    At Peak Performance Goalie School, we know the importance of the goalie because we are goalies. You're the last line of defense for your team, and we strive to make you a BRICK WALL in front of the net.

    2014-2015 Peak Goalie Winter Clinic Registration

    2014-2015 Peak Goalie Winter Clinic Registration

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